Spain’s energy ministry has released the full list of winners from its latest renewables auction, with several small-scale projects in amongst the large-scale winners.

A total of 3,909MW of solar PV capacity and 1,128MW of wind capacity was awarded to 40 companies, in yesterday’s auction.

The list of solar winners was as follows:

Solar Developer capacity awarded (MW)
Alten El Casar 13
Alter Enersun 50
Biertec 2000 0.1
Climaster Solar FV 3.9
Cobra Concesiones 1,550
Dalar Solar 1.6
Desarrollos Fotovoltaicos Merdionales 316
Enel Green Power Espana 338.7
Engie 50
Fres Wind Moon Systems 23.75
Gas Natural Fenosa Renovables 250
Gestamp Eolica 24
Grupo Tec Servicios Avanzados 91.7
Isabel Sevillano Martin 0.5
Janez Y Carrera 1
Jorge Energy 9.4
Lipmes 1.5
Lotapera 182.5
Meteo For Energy 0.3
Monegros Solar 50
Operating Business 2 20
Otras Producciones De Energia Fotovoltaica 200
Planta FV3 250
Raiola Future 1.5
Rios Renovables 21
Sinlimitsol 2
Solar Fotovoltaica Navarra 1.15
Solarpack 0.1
Solmayor Energias Renovables 0.42
X-Elio Energy 455

A spokesperson for Spanish solar asociation UNEF told PV Tech: “We think that this is a good spread of project sizes, as both utilities and companies are included as auction winners.

“As we can see from the winners list, the winning companies are among the most consolidated ones (Alten, Alter, Gestamp, Solarpack, Rios Renovables) in the Spanish PV sector.”

Three utilities, Enel Green Power España, Engie España and Gas Natural Fenosa, won a total of 638MW capacity.

Daniel Perez, a lawyer closely involved in Spain’s solar sector, told PV Tech: “We still don’t know the size of the projects, as each company can divide its allocated power in as many plants as it desires. Thus, we know of some, like X-Elio, that they only have one project.”

Perez also noted that the origins of some of the companies listed are unknown at present – adding: “Cobra is owned by ACS, for example. [Some] other companies are unknown so far, but they might be participated by big companies.”

He also said that projects are likely to be identified in six months time.

PV Tech has already reported a positive reaction from the industry, given that wind took away almost the entire capacity in the previous May auction.

In terms of wind energy, Alfanar (720MW), Greenalia Power (133MW), Ibervento Infraestructuras (171.6MW) dominated yesterday’s auction.

The Enel Group will be investing around €270 million in the construction of its 338.7MW of awarded solar capacity located in the regions of Murcia and Bajadoz. The plants are due to start operations by 2019, selling energy in the Spanish pool market aided by incentives from the Spanish Government, said Enel in a release.

“This new milestone confirms our commitment to green energy in Spain, a country which continues to offer growth opportunities for our renewable projects,” said Antonio Cammisecra, Enel’s head of global renewable energies. “Together with the wind capacity awarded in May, this 339 MW of solar capacity will bolster our renewable footprint in Spain, while also contributing to the country’s push to achieve its green energy goal.”

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