The opening bids in Malaysia’s 460MW(AC) large-scale solar auction have shown significant over-subscription with roughly 1,632MW(AC) of submissions.

The Energy Commission of Malaysia revealed that prices ranged from RM0.3398/kWh to RM0.53/kWh (US$0.08 – 0.12). These were for projects of 1-30MW(AC) capacity in the Peninsular Malaysia (360MW(AC) allocation) and the eastern Sabah/Labuan regions (100MW(AC) allocation).

The submissions will now be evaluated based on the RFP requirements, after which shortlisted bidders will be notified. Each bidder is allowed to offer up to three plants.

The opening bids in the Peninsular were as follows:

Project size segment (MWac) capacity submitted (MWac) price range (RM/kWh)
1-5.99 72 0.375 – 0.47
6-9.99 172 0.37 – 0.46
10-30 1,198 0.3398 – 0.5

The opening bids in the Sabah/Labuan were as follows:

Segment (MWac) capacity submitted (MWac) price range (RM/kWh)
1-5.99MW 79 0.371 to 0.53
6-9.99MW 111 0.39 to 0.49

All solar plants awarded in the final stages of the tender will be connected to the grid, with power purchase agreements to be signed with the main utilities Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) or Sabah Electricity Sdn. Bhd. (SESB).

The EC issued the original request for Proposal (RfP) at the end of February.

Earlier this week, leading solar PV inverter supplier Huawei said it had won the supply bid for Malaysia’s first 50MW(AC) utility-scale PV project.

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