Single-axis solar tracker firm Soltec, headquartered in Spain said it expects to double its turnover and supply more than 1.1GW of trackers in 2017.

Soltec noted that it expects to achieve over a 200% growth in revenue to around US$215 million in 2017. Brazil was a key country with supply contracts totalling 517MW in 2017.

“Providing high-grade customer experience and results with innovative factory approaches and cost-effective standard product application has proven a success, and has pushed Soltec to the leading position,” said Carlos Mena, Country Manager Brazil.

The company also noted the US with four power plants across the country using Soltec’s tracking equipment, which was said to have totalled 229MW. 

Soltec also highlighted that investments in 2016 to increase manufacturing capacity to 2.5GW per year and to prepare for large-scale project supply challenges contributed to its success in 2017. 

Raúl Morales, CEO of Soltec noted, “Repeating customers rely on us as project partners due to our ability to meet schedule, cost, and quality criteria. Our record-breaking growth is testament to the dedication of Soltec’s global team focused on large-scale supply capacity, cost-effective innovation, and technical leadership.”

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