German technology company Siemens has received an order for the turnkey electrical equipment and installation of two PV projects in Brazil and Pakistan with a total generation capacity of 140MW.

Siemens has also announced that its collaboration with solar inverter manufacturer SMA Solar Technology will end on 31 December 2017, as Siemens looks to set up its own inverter portfolio in India.

The customer for the PV project located in Bahawalpur, Pakistan, is Turkish company Zorlu Enerji Holding, while the PV power plant in Brazil will be operated by Quebec Engenharia.

As part of the supply agreement, Siemens will offer its transformers and medium voltage switchgears, along with solar inverters from its technology partner, Wind & Sun Technologies.

The Bahawalpur PV project in Pakistan will have a generation capacity of 100MW, but is also expected to be expanded to a capacity of 300MW in the near future. The Assura project in northeastern Brazil is expected to have a generation capacity of around 38MW.

Siemens will install the components as a turnkey project and connect the solar farms to the local power grid, with both installations expected to start operations in early 2018.  

Siemens is also planning to develop its own inverter portfolio in India and provide integrated medium-voltage systems through this avenue. The company will present its new portfolio at the Intersolar India trade show in early December.

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