Tunisia has awarded the final 10MW from the 70MW second round of its ‘authorisation regime’ PV tender.

The first 60MW were divvied out in batches of 10MW earlier this month.

Tunisia’s Ministry of Energy, Mines and Renewable Energies has now awarded the remaining capacity in batches of 1MW to the following entities:

  • Electro Rapide Global Electric Frikha Abdellatif
  • Sud Oil and Gas
  • Mourad Neji
  • Ouedrni Mohamed
  • Abdelhamid Zribi
  • Mohamed Ben Larbi
  • Ben Ayed Tarek
  • Perenco
  • Birriri Hatem
  • Karim Noureddine Zahmoul

In the first round of the authorisation programme, a total of 64MW out of a possible 70MW was awarded in May last year. 

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