‘Solar Module Super League’ (SMSL) member, Q CELLS scored a 91% bankability rating in the latest Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BloombergNEF) latest Solar Module & Inverter Bankability 2019 report.

The 91% bankability rating was achieved within BloombergNEF’s survey as part of the full report that asks banks, funds, developers, EPCs and technical due diligence firms, which brands out of 48 modules manufacturers they considered bankable.

Q CELLS CEO Hee Cheul (Charles) Kim said: “The DNA of Q CELLS has always been – and will always be – rooted in our commitment to product quality and reliability. With such a foundation, Q CELLS has been able to grow into a trusted solar brand that continuously delivers excellent quality and unbeatable peace of mind for the customer. Our robust financial footing and bankability – as recognised by BloombergNEF – is a testament to this mindset, which always seeks to place technical excellence at the forefront of everything the Company does.”

Q CELLS has approximately 10.7GW of module production capacity at four manufacturing facilities in the Malaysia, China, South Korea and recently opened its first major module assembly plant in the US as the company is the largest module supplier to the residential rooftop market in the country. 

First PV module supplier bankability ratings tool created by PV Tech research team

PV-Tech research team has recently introduced a new methodology that allows leading PV module producers to be categorised by manufacturing and financial strength metrics, ultimately providing an investor-risk (or bankability) profile for non-residential end-market selection, which has been detailed on six articles on PV-Tech.org.

The output from the analysis – undertaken by the PV-Tech research team over the past five years – will form a key part of my opening talk at the forthcoming PV ModuleTech 2019 conference in Penang, Malaysia on 22-23 October 2019.

Finlay Colville, Head of Research, PV Tech & Solar Media will deliver online webinars over 21-22 August 2019 (register to watch here), and give the 45-minute opening talk at the forthcoming PV ModuleTech 2019 conference in Penang, Malaysia on 22-23 October 2019.

In particular, during the forthcoming webinar presentations on 21-22 August 2019, I will reveal for the first time which PV module suppliers fall into the highest PV ModuleTech Bankability ratings grade today.

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